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The end is all I can see (Juliet); pg

Title: The end is all I can see
Rating: pg I guess...
Character(s): Juliet (slightly Juliet/Sawyer or Juliet/Ben if you want to)
Word counting: 397
Disclaimer: Lost isn't mine.
Spoilers: Until 5x05.
Summary: There's a flash of light and when it's over you only see shades of green and brown.
A/N: Title from Muse's 'Thoughts of a dying atheist'.

There's a flash of light and when it's over you only see shades of green and brown. Focusing on something seems impossible. Your limbs tickle and you feel dehydrated. (Did you drink enough today?) Blood is floating slowly through your veins. Your blood pressure is dropping. Internship lesson two.

Somewhere a muffled monotone beat. Your heart? With your vision still blurry you grope your way towards a tree. You crave for something to hold onto. There are voices. Far away. So far away. Or are they near? (What's wrong?) You want to answer that that you are okay, just a little dizzy. Before you can, everything starts spinning around. You're six again. The fair is in town. You love the gaudy carousel. 'Daddy, I'm flying.' He is smiling at you and you have never felt more loved than now.

The next thing you know is that you're lying on the ground. Still dazed you notice that it's incredibly cold and damp. It has rained. Your head feels sore and your face is wet. (From the rain?) No. You don't need to see the crimson on your fingers or taste the sticky salty liquid on your lips. You've seen that all before. First Charlotte, then Miles. 'I'm next' comes to your mind and though you won't dare to say it aloud, you can't shake away the feeling that it is inevitable.

Someone is bending over you. (James?) You blink and you're gone again, sitting in a tiny room on a comfy bed. Somewhere in the back of your head you wonder what happened to the nice fair-haired man. Your sister is looking at you questioningly. You remember what you were talking about too well. It was (Or is?) her twelfth birthday and she said that you should be a teacher once you are old enough. The reply comes without hesitation. The words feel good on your tongue. Well known. 'No, Rachel when I grow up, I wanna be a doctor. Yes. That's what you've always wanted.

You gasp for breath. A stabbing pain. The mattress is gone, the hard ground is your bed now. It's where your body will linger, even when you're long gone. You're not afraid. Your eyes find Sawyer's and 'Tell Ben, I understand now! are the last words out of your mouth before everything fades to black. You are not afraid. You are ready.

Tags: !for the world to see, character: juliet burke, fanfic, tv: lost
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