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A memory can't be erased (Jack/Juliet); pg

Title: A memory can't be erased
Rating: pg
Character(s): Juliet/Jack
Word counting: 100
Disclaimer: Lost isn't mine.
Spoilers: Until 5x08.
Summary: Reunion...
A/N: My first try at a drabble. Please be easy on me... Title from Lifehouse's Come back down

‘Welcome to the Dharma Initiative, Doctor Shephard. I'm looking forward to working with you.’

Everyone else's look he could have sustained, but not hers. Her blue eyes are piercing right through him and suddenly he feels cold. ‘I'm sorry’ lies heavy on his lips.

What happened three years ago seems only like a blur to her. Memories of another pain filled live. A live that she's tried to forget. He smiles at her and it feels like all the air has left her lungs. She turns and every step takes away the pain, while a tear runs down her cheek.

Tags: !for the world to see, character: jack shephard, character: juliet burke, fanfic, jacket
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